Health Questionaire
Please fill out the following health questionnaire form prior to the session, in order to participate in the session and please provide as much information as possible.
Submissions are valid up to 6 months after which you will be required to complete a new form.  You are responsible for checking with GP or specialist before participating in any activities and to keep us up to date with any new health conditions or injuries during the time you are practicing with us. Thank you!

Health Conditions & Injuries 

Exercise & Yoga Experience

Do you currently practice Yoga?

If 'Yes' please describe;

  • What type of yoga style (Hatha, Vinyasa Flow...)?

  • Frequency (ad hoc, once a week, a month...)?

  • How long have you practiced yoga for?

If 'No', do you practice any other type of exercise - pls include the below?

  • What type of exercise (running, swimming, walking...)?

  • Frequency (ad hoc, once a week, a month...)?

  • How long for?



I will ensure the teacher is aware of any issues or injuries at the start of class, so I may be guided safely.  I understand that it is my responsibility to practice safely and within my personal limits and take full responsibility by participating in this activity.


I understand my personal details will be held confidentially and only be released with written permission for the purpose of medical necessity.

Thanks for submitting!