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Yoga For Surfers - Alan Stokes For CARVE Magazine

Updated: May 23

Our surf coach Alan Stokes recently spoke to CARVE Magazine how yoga has helped his professional surfing career and the relationship between surf and yoga. Something that you can find out on our surf and yoga retreats!

'I have tried many different forms of training and recovery techniques to aid my surfing over the years and although some have attributes I have learnt from and use still to this day I found that I always come full circle ending back at what seems to be the perfect complementing balancing act that will not only help keep your body in check preventing injuries but will improve the key fundamental movement patterns and flexibility of the body whilst strengthening body and mind simultaneously. It’s these attributes that Yoga has and I’ve yet to find a practice that rivals it and now more than ever having a qualified Yoga teacher as a fiancee I’m really starting to improve my yoga practice and learn just how dialled in this ancient art form is and how good it can be for us.

Incorporate a little Yoga into your daily life and watch how very quickly your body starts to readjust its self, injuries and tightness will start to fade, with a little focus on your breath your mind will feel calm and present creating space and clarity of thought, your entire body and well being will feel energised and with a little hard work, effort and belief will slowly be transformed.'

Check out the full article here - http://www.carvemag.com/2016/05/yoga-positions-for-surfers/

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