A Day In The Life On Our Morocco Retreat

Updated: May 23, 2020

Morocco you have been amazing! We are feeling a little sad returning from our Wild & Free surf and yoga retreat in Taghazout. Our days blissfully slipped away under the desert sun as our guests enjoyed yoga on the terrace as the perfect waves reeled down the sand points below.

There's something very liberating and freeing spending days above the Moroccan skyline, watching life unfold below. Each day we would wake just early enough to watch the African sun rise above the hills to the east, slowly warming our faces as Philly guided us through our mornings yoga practice. We started every day with meditation, making room for positivity, peace and love. We'd flow through to our sun salutations with ease, exploring asanas and working with our bodies with kindness. Setting our intention of gratitude, inviting joy and happiness into every day.

Fuelling up for the day, Amayour Surf had our freshly prepared breakfast ready for us straight after savansana. Fresh coffee and mint tea filled out noses, yoghurt and fruits filling our bellies and traditionally cooked eggs giving us energy for the day ahead. As we sipped our morning drinks, the surf checks would begin, watching the endless lines wrapping into the bays and points below us. Before we knew it, everyone had jumped straight in! With Alan Stokes guiding and teaching our guests, from beginners learning their pop ups to intermediates perfecting their turns.

Thankfully, the surf gods kept on giving and our guests were treated to some of the best conditions Morocco could deliver as well as endless sunshine. We we're so impressed by the amount of energy our guests had for surfing with not one session missed. Some even jumping in three times a day...we thought we we're energetic!

Lunch time soon came around and we all rebooted in the shade with some well earned local cuisine.

We sat el fresco at our favourite cafe L'Auberge and chatted about the mornings adventures, a perfect ride or wild wipeout, but nothing would compare to local fisherman we watched out front negotiating the rising swell to bring home their mornings catch safely to shore.

Afternoons were enjoyed exploring souks filled to the brim with colourfully made local artisan goods. Dusk arrived and as the heat slowly started to fade the desert winds would lighten for one last sunset glide and surf in the ocean.

As the orange sun disappeared below the horizon we healed the body with yin yoga, opening our surf muscles, getting deep into the connective tissue and releasing tension. Giving us all time to reflect on our day, our lives and be still in the present moment.

Dinner was served, delicious fish, tagines, salads with a cold beer or local wine. Full bellies and full hearts, we would go to bed knowing we get to do it all again tomorrow.

Thank you at Amayour Surf for hosting us and a huge thank you to all our guests for your amazing energy and relaxed nature! We loved every minute.

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