A Day In The Life On Our Costa Rica Retreat

Updated: May 23, 2020

Costa Rica where do we start. You were just dreamy. This week we waved a solemn goodbye to the beautiful coast and made our way back to Cornwall. Palm trees, jungle, monkeys, white sand beaches, turquoise seas, constant waves, stunning sunsets, cerveza's and good vibes. It's a place that's a million miles from home, but can feel just like home. It's a place we will be visiting again and again to feel it's magic and inspire us to live our days in peace and happiness.

Each morning we would wake to the sound of roosters and howler monkeys as the warm sun rays burst through our tree houses in Santa Teresa. We'd take the wooden stairs carefully to the top of our house, where palm tree leaves surrounded the yoga deck. Our mats readily awaiting us, we's take our seat and begin our meditation as the heat begun to awaken the day. The birds would guide us through our awareness and the sound of the waves would draw us back to the present moment as we began our vinyasa yoga practice. We explored inversions, back bends and felt the body open, shoulders loosen, massaging away the tension from yesterday's surf.

Allowing ourselves to slip away into Savasana, we shortly felt the soft warmth of the oceans medicine hugging us as we paddled into the surf. The everlasting waves coming, giving us opportunity after opportunity to improve our surfing. Our surf guide Alan would work with us all, helping us ride waves for as long as we could, from intermediates perfecting their turns to beginners just standing up. Some days, we would walk the jungle path to the beach, take our yoga practice to the sand and follow it with a refreshing surf. Other days, we would beat the sunrise to beach and paddle out into the water, watching the sun kiss the ocean and glisten as pelicans swooped along the waves, surfing just like us, finding their breakfast.

Bellies hungry we returned to our tree houses to refuel for our day in paradise. Our breakfast of fresh fruits, homemade granola, coffee, pancakes, delicious burritos was bought to us ready to eat. We'd talk with excitement about the waves we all just caught, the huge ones and the little perfect runners. Everyone stoked on surfing, yoga and Costa Rica.

Our days were then spent re-energising, allowing ourselves to relax in the hammocks as they swayed us from side to side reading our books. Or we would head back to the ocean to dip into the sea and soak in the sun rays, ride horses along the beach at sunset or explore Playa Carmen. On our day off, we took quad bikes along the coast in search of adventure and Montezuma waterfalls driving through endless jungle.

As the sun began to lower, we'd all return back to our tree houses ready for an evening of deep relaxation on the yoga deck. We would practice Yin yoga, getting deep into the muscles and connective tissues, creating space to enhance our surfing. We'd try our yoga Nidra, coming into a deep yogic sleep, finding interconnectedness. Philly would guide us through the poses in a compassionate and caring way, it was impossible not to relax. Just before the sun would set, we'd head back to the beach and toast to our day in paradise whilst the huge orange ball of heat would slowly disappear behind the oceans horizon, promising us another day of pura vida.

A special thank you to Max at Ticket To Ride for allowing us to host this retreat and Lewis at Wavelength Surf Mag for creating beautiful images of our adventure.

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Photos Lewis Pinder and Philly Lewis

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