Travel Diaries: Costa Rica at a Glance

Updated: May 23, 2020

When winter firmly grips the UK's shores, our mind starts to wonder to warmer climates. This winter after our Costa Rica surf and yoga retreat, we decided to extend our say in Central America to explore its coast. With its abundant sun, ridiculously consistant swells and lack of crowds with yet to be discovered waves and good food, it's a no brainer! So with our Animal bags, Fourth Surfboards, we headed on an adventure.

Our home for the next two months would be the Nicoya Peninsular, a beautifully diverse area of outstanding natural beauty. The beaches stretch for miles with washed up, massive hollowed out trees, remains from the rainy season monsoons and empty coconut husks that bob on the shoreline. The coast is surrounded by dense jungle with the Cabo Blanco nature reserve to the south, leaving you feeling full of natures energy and very much alive.

Getting to this wild corner of the world is a long road but definitely worth it. You can fly direct with British Airways from Gatwick airport and be sipping cocktails by tea. Today, the surf town of Santa Teresa is booming, with a variety of places to stay that will suit every budget, from hostels, to full blown hill top villas with million dollar views and a nighty price tag to boot! For budget, stay in funky treehouses at Don Jons a walk away from the ocean. For those of you who love the luxury of a pool stay at Cuesta Arriba or for that million dollar view check out the beautiful Joya Villas.

One of the best things about Costa Rica is the delicious food! Burritos, acai bowls, fish, plantains, falafel, it's all so tasty. Eating out is definitely a must in Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa. Our favourite lunch spots for healthy buddha bowls is Zwart Cafe or for acai bowls head to Bali Beach Deli. Try the local cuisine at the famous Chicken Joe's where the fried plantain is best. After lunch, chill out on the stunning beach drinking fresh coconuts.

Watch the sun hit the horizon and fill the sky with warm pinks, lighting up the waves hugging the coastline. Make sure you catch the sunset with a cold cerveza. With waves everyday, it's a surfers paradise! For beginners, make your way to Hermosa beach and for intermediates, find your wave anywhere. The northern end of Santa Teresa has a more challenging wave with steeper drops and on its day some great tubes.

If your a yoga lover, then Santa Teresa is the place to go. There are endless amounts of yoga workshops, classes and retreats. You can even study to be a yoga teacher here! Our favourite classes were spent at Pranamar and Olam, which is a great spot for vegan food.

After a few weeks surf, it's safe to say our bodies ached. It was time to try something else! We rented some quad bikes and headed south to the little town of Montezuma. Montezuma is a stunning place to visit, with waterfall hikes and tropical beaches, it's best to spend a few days in the quiet hippy town. If you plan on exploring the coastline further, then quad bikes are the way to go. They can be rented from any larger town and take you along all the dirt tracks into the jungle. Be sure to cover you mouth with a mask or scarf to protect it from all the dust and wear googles so you can see where your going. Make sure you take a visit into the Cabo Blanco national park for a hike and spot the howler monkeys in the trees above you!

If your thinking about visiting Costa Rica then why not join us on our surf and yoga retreat?

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