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Summer Evenings with Echo Falls

Updated: May 23

There is no better way to celebrate the long summer evenings than with beach picnics, toasting the sunset with a cold glass of wine. We truly believe in living life to the full and when the sun fills it sky with warm pinks, oranges and reds, we toast to yet another day filled with everything we ever wanted and more. It's that type of feeling you have every night on one of our surf and yoga retreats in Cornwall. We squeeze everything we can out of every second of the day, meditation, morning yoga, delicious freshly prepared food, afternoon cliff walks, afternoon inversion workshops, surfing theory, more yoga and finally the day turns into night and we take a moment to reflect the day we had.

We take our reflections to the warm fire pit or walk to the beach and watch the sun disappear into the sea. There is nothing our guests love more, or us, than to toast the incredible day with our favourite wine, Echo Falls! This summer, we kindly had the privilege to try the new Echo Falls, who have changed the face of their bottle labels to match a fun and lively persona. We love to share where our adventure with Echo Falls took us. Our favourite is the sauvignon blanc, it's time to discover yours...