Travel Diaries: Boat Life with KAYAK Travel

Updated: May 23, 2020

Exploring by boat gives you such a different perspective. As beach lovers, you'll always find us near the water, but actually living on the ocean, that's a different story. When KAYAK asked us to go on another adventure as ambassadors, we knew this one had to be different. Using our favourite travel site KAYAK Explore we booked and planned a last minute surf trip in the few clicks of a button. When the charts lit up and gave us the green light for a quick trip to a few secret gems off the beaten path, we didn't hesitate. We packed up our bags and went. The rest would take care of itself and unravel with the passing of each tide and day.

We arrived in Fuerteventura and headed straight to Corralejo harbour. We heard that the best waves in the Canary Islands were found by boat and a boat is where we called home. We were living on the ocean, land in the distance. The waves gently rock you to sleep. We found the perfect right hander with clear turquoise waters and surfed until our arms could take no more. Finding our way back to the land, we filled our bellies with Fuerteventura's famous tapas with fresh fish, cheeses and delicious wine before heading back the boat to be gently rocked to sleep. We find the best trips are the ones where you find the local hangouts.

The next day the light winds calmed the ocean and waves were no where to be found. It's those slow days that we love just as much as the adventurous ones. We bathed in the sun, reading books, talking and swimming in the turquoise waters with Lobos island in the distance.

After three meandering days at sea, it was time to head back to the island in search of more adventure. We had heard about the a place to see the sunrise which was something not to miss. The sand dunes rolling along the coast of Fuerteventura contrast with the stark, rocky volcanic centre. It's said the sand blows over from the Sahara desert and lands on the island, making the perfect desert like ridges and Caribbean looking beaches. Carrying our surf boards under the starry purple sky, we travelled across rolling ridges with the ocean in the distance, waiting for the sun to peep over the horizon blessing us with its warmth. Our last surf was made so much more special with the sunrise. Still feeling the rocking motion on our sea legs, the land started to feel like a old home where we no longer belonged. But it is a blessing to feel like a stranger in your own home, for without new eyes there is nothing to discover.

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