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Updated: May 23, 2020

From our home here on the beautiful Cornish coast, to all the stunning beaches and coastal communities around the world that we visit to hold our surf and yoga retreats, we are extremely passionate and protective of the natural coastal environments we get to play in and teach in daily. We are immensely grateful and connected to these wonderful energetic places.

Having grown up on the Cornish shores we have witnessed first hand the increasing steady tide of plastic and pollution, including its impact on the natural environment and the many wonderful species that call these places home. It is estimated that at our current rate by the year 2050 there will be more plastic floating in our oceans and seas than fish.

Now, although these predictions are argumentative, counting fish is a tricky slippery business and quantifying global plastic usage is a vast task in its self, the fact that these projections, estimates and conversations are happening is alarming enough. Never before has the saying, 'Be the change you want to see in the world' been so prevalent and imminent in a world of ever expanding population and consumerism. We must all do our bit and hope that this mentality spreads like wild fire.

We are adamant that it will, in fact we feel that the initial sparks that create a wild fire were lit sometime ago now and the fire is burning brighter than ever. So, if you are reading this and you love spending days riding waves, walking the headlands or just simply exploring the magical world of rock pools with your children, I hope this message resonates with you and inspires you to be the change.

So to start this year on a high and to help bring more positive and protective environmental change we are really excited to announce that Wild & Free Adventures has partnered with the amazing team at Surfers Against Sewage, becoming a SAS 250 member and driving forward a movement for real change. With a percentage of every sale going towards Surfers Against Sewage and introducing guest beach cleans to our retreat program from Cornwall to Costa Rica and everywhere in between.

Recently, we got to see first hand the difference just one small change can make when we ran our very first guest beach clean in Taghazout Morocco with the amazing crew at Amayour Surf. Our guests and the Tagazout locals were super excited and enthusiastic to begin the clear up. We all had a great time and felt so empowered afterwards seeing the amount of rubbish we had removed in just a couple of hours. But the real change came a few weeks later when we found out that the beach cleans had really took off and the local surfers had continued to enthusiastically collect and remove plastic and other waste from their beautiful beaches. Sometimes just a little spark can bring about great change!

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