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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Adventures

Just one of the 'new' things we are bringing to YOUR Wild & Free Adventures...

You've asked and we've listened...

Not are we so very grateful we have so many of you lovely wild & free adventurers coming back time after time, but also it's YOU GUYS that inspire us and MORE exciting adventures, like this one!!

You inspire us in so many ways... keeping the Wanderlust alive, sharing YOUR ideas and dreams of adventures! So this year in June we have launched our very first Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure (SUP) and super excited to share this with you all.

~ Cornwall SUP, Surf and Yoga ~

16-19th June 2023

After a lot of requests to bring a SUP (stand up paddle board) into the mix, we've not only done that BUT even better, we are giving you it ALL and the 'choice' to do it all or 'mix and match' the SUP, Surfing and yoga.

Create your perfect combo!

Read more about whats involved and if you are QUICK we may even have some spaces left this year... check out GIVEAWAY below too.

We took all the good bits, added in stand up paddle-boarding and an element of our 'bespoke retreats' into this weekend, meaning you get enjoy it all, or mix and match each day and try it all!

Come stay in our Luxury Yurts at the tranquil yurt village, just 3 minutes walk from the beach. Private and shared yurts available, to suit all, whether you are travelling solo, with friends or even family

What does the weekend look like..?

~ Morning Yoga

~ Delicious freshly prepared Breakfast

~ Surfing ...or chill!

~ Lunch Al Fresco

~ Chill time... hot tub, swim, walk or chill!

~ Afternoon SUP Adventure ...massage or yoga!

~ Dinner time the sun sets

~ Fire Pit before bed to share the adventures of the day!

The following day 'mix it up' or choose more time to chill... the day is yours to create the vibe and weekend you need, whether that's a more relaxing or adventurous one escape!

Just want to come for the yoga... well there's loads of yoga, if you want it!

Morning and evening and if not joining the water sports why not book in a 1 to 1 with Amanda our Wild & Free Adventure Yoga Teacher (and business owner!) that is very passionate and loves teaching 1 on 1.

You can also check out Amanda's online and in person yoga here (and there's some free class on You Tube - Wild & Free Adventures):

Doesn't matter whether you have tried surfing, yoga or even SUP... we create the perfect environment to give it all a go! So make this the opportunity to give them all a try and maybe you'll love them all... or find you are a natural on the stand up paddle board and this weekend starts a new hobby!

Even Yoga and Paddle Boarding work together!

...ponder on it, I know this is exciting and don't be overwhelmed by all the choices, instead embrace the 'freedom' and come find you 'wild and free' with us... it's not often you get given the chance to to wherever you want, hey?

In the meantime if you are reading this in time... check out our BIGGEST Giveaway ever to share the love of adventure and after midnight 5th June 2023 one lucky winner will be joining us for FREE of this SUP, Surf and Yoga Retreat 16-19th June!

***Head to our Instagram @wildandfreeadventures and follow us and @alunacoconut to be in for a chance to win!!***

If you missed that and these June Adventures... it's all good, plenty more to come, check out our September and October adventures and retreats:

Women & Water Surf & Yoga Retreats (4 Nights in Cornwall) - 8-12th and 15-19th September 2023

Alan Stokes Intermediate Pro Surf Coaching Adventure (4 Nights in Cornwall) - 6-10th October 2023

Portgual Surf & Yoga Adventure (7 Nights Portgual) - 22nd-29th October 2023

Next year we will be revisiting and doing more Women & Water and SUP Adventures - if you want them (tell us!!), as well as revisiting our other popular abroad retreats but in new locations:

If you are interested in these or ANY of our past retreat destinations - let us know by getting in touch as YOUR votes count and we go where you want to adventure!!

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Joe O'Connor
Joe O'Connor
Jun 06, 2023

Can’t wait for this! 💯🌊🤙🏻🙏🏻

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