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4 Top Spring Destinations For A Surf Trip

Here is it! Our top 4 destinations for a surf trip in Spring. We gave you our 5 top winter destinations for a surf trip so we thought it's only right as the seasons change we share with you our other favourite places. After all, the tropical locations slowly turn to their monsoon season and we need to follow the sun! Read on for your next surf trip this April.

1. Southern Portugal

Portugal is perfect for beginners and intermediates looking for waves this Spring. It's one of the warmest spots in Europe and heading south means you can still catch some sunshine whilst ripping up the waves. Flights can be found for under £100 with RyanAir and there are plenty of stunning villas or surf hostels to stay in for around £20 a night. Maybe you fancy staying somewhere a little more eco, we love Tipi Valley. The sun beams down and there's plenty of beaches, even some empty coastline for the more daring. Portugal is really a stunning place, like no other and definitely worth a visit. The surf is pretty constant, clean, and when there happens to be a flat day there's plenty of exploring to do in the national reserve. 1 week is enough in Portugal, but you might find you want to stay longer! It's so nice were starting to put the wheels in motion for our first Portugal Wild & Free retreat, so stay tuned....

Alan Stokes in Portgual by Sharpy

Our surf coach Alan Stokes in the Portugal surf. Photo Sharpy.

2. Northern Spain And The Basque Region

This stretch of coast gets plenty of quality swell around spring time. From the world class, hollow point break of Mundaka in the eastern Basque region, to the wild pine covered valleys, bays and hills of Caruna to the west. There are so many options for all levels of surfing abilities along this coastline and the best way to discover them is by camper van. Ferry's leave from Plymouth every and return for £600 return. Even around the ferry port of Santander there are some great waves to be discovered. Make sure to take in the the sights of San Sebastian city and try the many delicious tapas bars scattered through out its narrow cobbled streets. Spain and its basque naeibours are a must for any traveling surfer. We love it there, the people are very welcoming down to earth and always have a good tale to tell.


Manduka photo via Surfline

3. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Situated of off the coastline of northern Africa sits the volcanic Canary Islands. Spring time can deliver some world class waves on these wind swept isles. Feurtaventura to the east has an abundance of reef and beach breaks that cater for all surfing abilities. The water temps here in April can be as warm as 20c a lovely break from the still chilly waters of the UK. The reef breaks here are for more advanced surfers and can really pack a punch, be sure to pack your wetsuit boots to get across those sharp lava rocks. Flights can be found with for as little as £200 and a great place to base your self is in the town called Corallejo near the famous Lobos and the northern track, which has enough waves to keep you busy for your entire stay. Another destination on our retreat list, book here!

4. Northern Scotland

If you fancy a cold water surf adventure in Spring then Scotland is a must for any adventurer. The north shore of Scotland is not only stunning in spring but boasts some of Europe's finest waves. Thurso is surfing base camp here with the hollow Thurso East reef being the jewel in the crown. But venture along this ancient Nordic coast and you will find plenty of reef and beach breaks to sink your teeth into. Remember to pack your winter wetsuit, boots hoods and gloves as the water temps will still be extremely low at this time of the year but for all the ice cream headaches a few perfect waves with only a small crew out is well worth the effort and the long drive up through the beautiful Cairngorm mountains, you may even be lucky enough to sneek a little snowboarding in at Avimore along the way.

Scotland by Toby Butler

Photo by our friend Toby Butler, check out his incredible website.

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