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The Sleep Well Course

2024 Dates to be announced!

....or drop Amanda an email if you have a questions about this course here.


Sleeping well is an essential part of our well being and health. A good nights sleep supports our immune system, mind and heart.


We need rest in this busy world to rest and restore our mind, body and soul.


When we sleep our bodies recharge, cleanse and repair. During sleep we unwind and reverse the effects of the busy day... we nourish our cells and our souls.


Lets face it... who doesn't enjoy a good nights sleep and feel alive after a peaceful rest.

So how can you get a good nights sleep, is this is something you struggle with?

I'll assume you are here to find out more...

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Meditation Group
Books and journal
Relaxation and meditation
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Ashtanga Yoga

If you find motivation hard at the end of a busy day and despite being tired you find it difficult to relax and unwind because the mind is racing or you wake up in the night restless, then this 3 week course will be a welcome solution. Maybe you have tried different ways to unwind, or tried to create your own routine before bed and it just hasn't stuck for one reason or another? This course will help you to carve out a realistic amount of time at the end of the day, with guidance and support about how to create a new Sleep Well bedtime routine and positive habits, promoting a good nights sleep.


The best bit... this course fits in with your schedule, at a time and place that suits you!


You will only need to attend one LIVE session at the beginning of each week, then the rest of the week involves daily recorded guided meditations which you can do at a time that fits in with your schedule.  The LIVE session will be on a Monday evening and I will kick start the week with you, offering you some techniques, guidance and tips to assist you with your weekly Sleep Well bedtime routine.


You will then only need 20 minutes each evening before bed for the recorded sessions the rest of the week.


All the hard work is done for you and all you need to do is get cosy in bed and switch off... sound good?

So why this course...

Having come from a busy corporate and highly stressful production background it was often very difficult to maintain any sort of routine. I was experiencing ‘Burn Out’ and I was always stressed, unable to sleep properly and my health suffered as a consequence. I have since developed and perfected my own routine. So I know this works!

I have designed this course based on all the elements I use in my own personal routine to assist me in a good nights sleep and switch off my mind. Following my routine has helped me generate more energy, motivation and focus in my everyday activities. Yoga and all the practices I will be sharing with you in this course have improved my health, wellbeing and improved my sleep. 

Did you know it takes approximately 21 days to build a new habit…?

This bitesize 3 week course is an introduction to learning some of the tools and techniques that you can then to take away with you and practice in your everyday life, improving your sleep patterns and promoting a good nights sleep.

Whats included in the 3 week course...

Yoga Class


A LIVE Zoom Session (90 minutes) every Monday evening



A Daily Recorded Guided Meditation (20 minutes) Tuesday to Friday

Cute Notebooks


A Sleep Well Bedtime Routine Checklist & Mini Journal  (PDF print out)

Child's Pose


Access to a Private Online Sleep Well Group (Not social media!)

Yoga Child's Pose


BONUS Optional Extras Include:

  • Weekend access to the Sleep Well Guided Meditations (to repeat at your leisure)

  • FREE Access to my LIVE weekly yoga classes Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

The Details

Monday Evenings 


7:30 pm

I will kick start your week with you on Monday evenings to lead and inspire you into the week. The Monday evening session will be split into 4 sections, an Introduction followed by the 3 key pillars to a good nights sleep: 1 Breathing, 2 Gentle Movement and 3 Yoga Nidra to settle you into a calm and relaxed mindset for the evening.


The first week will involve an introduction into the 3 weeks ahead, followed by the 3 key pillars. The the following 2 weeks will start with a 15mins opening circle, to ask questions, share and discuss your weeks experiences, challenges and achievements (which you are also welcome to just listen to). 

I will demonstrate the following 3 pillars in our Monday session, then you can include these into your evening routine or simply just enjoy them once a week in Monday’s LIVE session.

Breathing Techniques

We will explore a different breathing technique each week.  Introducing you to the benefits of breathing well. Stress and our daily habits (sitting, rounding) can affect our breathing and restrict us using the full capacity of our lungs and in turn not breath properly. Breathing techniques are a great way to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest and restore), as well as many other benefits i.e. lower blood pressure, improve digestion and more. Find out more… Try one of my favourite breathing exercises HERE.

Gentle Movement 

Following the breathing exercise we will move into some gentle movement to release tension and open up the the body. These will include Yin or Restorative poses, or some gentle Somatic movements. These will offer you a variety of different styles, techniques and poses to try during the week alongside your meditation. They will focus mainly on unravelling the body and spine to improve the flow of energy and breath through the body to aid a good nights sleep. You can find out more about Yin HERE.

Yoga Nidra

Then I will then take you through a LIVE Yoga Nidra practice (Yogic Sleep / Guided Meditation) every Monday to complete our session and guide you into a dreamy state to set you up for a blissful nights sleep. Yoga Nidra is a guided mediation where you’ll be taken on a journey of awareness with a variety of relation techniques each week including body rotation, visualisations and breath awareness. Yoga Nidra has many benefits and is a wonderful practice to help reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia and tension to promote a deep sleep and allow the body to heal. This practice is great for moving you from the ‘sympathetic’ (flight and fight) to the ‘parasympathetic’ (rest, digest and restore) nervous system, calming the mind and body into a peaceful and relaxing nights sleep. 


Listen here…

Audio Yoga Nidra
Yoga NidraAmanda Bunton
00:00 / 26:43

Weekly Practice


to Fridays

10:00 am

Sleep Well Guided Meditations (recorded)

For the remainder of the week (Tuesday - Friday) I will provide you with a different daily 20 minute Guided Meditation to practice each night before bed/sleep. These mini Guided Meditations, will be recorded and you can do them wherever and whenever you want to fit in around your schedule.  I highly recommend doing these in bed, laying down, or in a comfortable position of your choice… so you can just drift off to sleep after. As a Bonus these Sleep Well Meditations will also be available to you at the weekend to use, if you wish.


Sleep Well Bedtime Routine Checklist & Mini Journal (PDF print out)

I have created a simple print out to support your Sleep Well bedtime routine, with a check list of prompts and tips, as well as space to make notes. The Checklist and Mini Journal includes some prompts and questions designed to help induce a positive mindset before sleep and space to ‘empty’ your busy mind, something I find really helps me to settle into a good nights sleep.


Private Online Sleep Well Group (Wix App)

You'll be invited to a Private Sleep Well Group (which is optional). This is not social media and it is a private group which you’ll be invited to with other Sleep Well course members.  Here you can chat, offer support and share any tips with the group about your Sleep Well bedtime routine. Joining this group is optional and from experience it is a highly motivational tool that helps you stay on track with the support, encouragement and inspiration of others.

Bonus Optional Extras

The rest of

the week

FREE Access to my weekly LIVE Yoga Classes - Tuesday,  Wednesday & Friday

As part of this course you will be given access to my weekly evening classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. These are completely optional and just an added bonus I wanted to offer with the course.  It's an opportunity to provide more movement into your weekly routine. “Movement is medicine for the mind, body and soul”… and I love sharing yoga with everyone!  

Weekend Access to Sleep Well Guided Meditations (to repeat at your leisure)

You can pick your favourite and play it again if you would like to continue creating your Sleep Well bedtime routine over the weekend.  I understand that the weekend may be a different routine, so this is optional for you. There is no pressure and you can decide if you would like to create your routine over 5 or 7 days.

Prices and Dates

29th November (to 17th Dec/3 x LIVE Sessions) - £69

*Limited Spaces*  

Any questions get in touch via email


"My sleep has gradually deteriorated over the last few years since going through the Menopause, so I was intrigued when I saw the Sleep Well Course, so I decided to give it a go and it certainly didn't disappoint! Above anything  else, it made me consciously evaluate my bedtime routine. And realise that I am not alone in this struggle I now better understand what stops me getting a good night’s sleep and have a better idea how to address these issues based on Amanda’s research and practical suggestions, as well as, those of the other participants on the course. I, particularly, found the Yoga Nidra and breathing practices introduced by Amanda very useful to relax my mind and body and switch off before bed. If anyone is dithering about participating in this course, I would say, "don’t, try it", as I’m sure you’ll find something that will improve your sleep from how it it today!"


(Sleep Well Course - May 21)


"I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 week course which went by far too quickly.  Amanda is an excellent teacher, very knowledgable, thoughtful and aims the course for all levels of experience.  


Having done Hatha Yoga for many years, she introduced me to new techniques which have greatly broadened my interests and enabled me to improve my bedtime routine, sleep better and relax more in my very stressful life as a full-time carer for my husband who has dementia.  Her Yoga Nidras are particularly good as she has the most relaxing voice and is a delight to listen to"


(Sleep Well Course - June/July 21)




Unable to commit to the entire course? You could purchase individual weeks, however you will miss out on the benefits of joining the entire course including access to the Private Group and the Bonus Extras: Weekly Yoga Classes & Weekend Guided Meditation Access.

However you might want to 'try' the first week and see how you get on and if you like it then join the rest of the course. Please note: the price will be more expensive and the discount course price will not be available - Please get in touch for more information if you wish to choose this option

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