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Light Up Your Winter with Simple Positive Habits and Routines

Lets turn the dread and darkness of winter into brighter days with 8 'simple' tips to encourage you to embrace the season and see you through this transitional time of year.

Autumn and Winter's here

I didn't use to be a morning person either and a few years ago decided to change this and now I teach early morning 6.45am WAKE UP Yoga classes... and LOVE IT! Its the b est way to start the day and I love motivating others to wake up and 'feel good', through movement and breathwork.

Lets do this!

...the 'why?'

I am sure you want to wake up feeling happy in the mornings and have more energy in the day and despite shorter days and darker nights, you want to end the day feeling like it's been a GOOD day - yeah?

Okay, good... keeping reading then!

Before we get into this, firstly I would like you to get comfortable and close your eye's and take an inhale through your nose, then a slow exhale out through your nose. Then repeat this 5 times and on the last inhalation, maybe breathe in a little deeper and exhale a lovely big sigh out through the mouth!

Now, how do you feel?

That took all of 1min and hopefully you felt more present and aware of you breath... and maybe a little more calmer? This is the power of the breath, a FREE and AMAZING tool that you have and can use anytime. Just by simply bringing 'attention' to your breath, you become more present and can get out of your head. When we breath more consciously and through your nose, you can actually change the chemicals in your body, as well as your mood, your health and your sleep... just to mention a few!

So lets dive into more simple, quick tips and tools you can use to shift the energy this winter. Along with access to free yoga, breathing and yoga nidra sessions below, as well as code to join me for 'free' online session, if you like the recorded sessions... a little winter treat from me!

Wake up and create a positive morning routine

Hello Morning!

Become a 'morning person'

"I am not a morning person" I hear you say... well you have already set yourself up with that negative outlook on the day. STOP!

Our inner voice and negative bias is a bad habit that pretty much all of us have, but the good news is we can change! Like with most things you may not be aware of, your 'inner voice', or how you talk about yourself is ann unconscious habits and something we just do (and don't think about)!

So I would like you to think of '2 things' you do, or don't do and ask yourself the question "why?". Each time you answer that question, ask yourself the question "why?" (again) and keep on going until you run out of excuses! Then ask yourself "is it a positive habit"?

For many years I said to 'myself' and everyone around me... "I am not a morning person" and when I was asked the question "why?" I pretty much said "because...I'm not", after I ran out of excuses. I was waking up 'grumpy', because I said to myself every morning, "I don't like mornings!". Plus I probably went to bed late, ate dinner too late, was maybe scrolling on my phone and social media before bed. Or I woke up and jumped out of bed to my alarm and 'rushed' around getting ready, not giving myself time for breakfast.

I am exhausted just reading that!

Try this...

Above, are 8 things that I could change, but lets focus on 4 that you can do first thing in bed:

Light Up Your Winter with Simple Positive Habits and Routines
  1. Smile when you wake up - sending positive chemicals in my system and reversing negative bias (inner voice)

  2. Take 5 conscious breathes in/out through the nose

  3. Then stretch (in bed) and slowly get up and sit on the side of your bed for a moment

  4. Say "GOOD morning!" to yourself, partner or a pet

This takes all of 2-3 mins... try it tomorrow and see how it makes you feel?

Want to progress a little further and dare I say "set the alarm 5 or even 10mins earlier" gifting yourself time?

Then try these...

5. All of the above plus:

6. Roll out a yoga mat or spend 5 mins doing some simple stretches - from head to toes, maybe some yoga, twists, then have a little jump around on the spot shaking arms and legs (while smiling) then...

7. Come to stillness, or maybe even step outside for a moment and close your eyes and breathe...

8. Make yourself a nice hot drink (of your choice) while the kettle boils, make some breakfast (that you could also have prepared the night before - if needed)

Whatever you do first thing, AVOID switching on your phone, checking emails, even switching on the news!

Why not join me LIVE online for a WAKE UP Yoga session?


Wake up, breathe, move and feel good!

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Movement is medicine for the body! The body is designed to move. In simple terms if you don't move it, you lose it... the mobility in your joints, the fascia in your body changes form and you create tightness and stiffness in your body. In turn this affects your mood and how you feel about the things you do.

Breathing well and 'properly' is a thing!  Some of you may be shocked to hear that the mouth is not for breathing, but eating! Yes we can breathe through the mouth (I know), but if we breathe through the nose, it filters and moistens the air we take in, cleansing it and it improves our overall wellbeing, health and sleep.

Positive thoughts and habits - get rid of that negative bias and habits! Its is so simple and you are in control, starting with 'awareness' - be conscious of what your are telling yourself you can/can't do and how we are talking to ourselves. The more we do this (like the little exercise I shared above) the more aware we become... which enables us to 'change' those habits and replace with positive ones!

WAKE UP Yoga to feel good live online or recorded for good early morning routine

"I can’t remember why I started early morning yoga as I’ve never been a morning person, perhaps it was because it was my only option, but I can honestly say I now go to bed at night looking forward to getting up early to practice. I’d go as far as to say it’s been life -changing. I feel fitter, healthier, and happier. I sleep better and I generally feel a lot calmer" - Margaret H

Make time - It doesn't have to be a whole hour, or even need to be 30minutes. So make time but setting your alarm 5-10mins earlier, create the time to feel good and start the day positively. TRIGGER WARNING: We all have the same 24hours and no one has any less or more, it is actually about how we CHOOSE to use that 24 hours - and yes everyone else is really busy too! Not just you.

Which leads us nicely onto the next thing... the other 4 things of the 8 I mentioned I could change in my statement above.

Good Evening!

Wind down in the evening and prepare mind and body for sleep.

Feel like you get home in the dark, rush to make dinner, 'if' you have time! Or are you eating late and maybe on your phone while eating, or checking a few emails, or watching tv, news, etc etc? As well as not feeling tired when it comes to bedtime and the brain just won't swtich off? If you've eaten late just before bed, your feeling uncomfortable when you lay down or waking in the night needing the loo?

I hear you and me too!

Light Up Your Winter with Simple Positive Habits and Routines

"I used to do personal admin last thing at night which stimulated my brain, so with being up early my days seemed longer and I could fit this in earlier and then follow a conscious wind down before bed. So instead of avoiding going to bed I looked forward to it and re-discovered reading before sleep albeit only managing a few pages!" - Margaret H

Try this...

8 things you could change here...

  1. Eat earlier (ideally 2 hours before bed) and eat a lighter meal (like soup) and then get to bed earlier

  2. Read a book rather than watch TV

  3. Do some gentle movement, yoga or stretches before bed, to release tension & stress in the body

  4. Do some breathing exercises, meditaiton or yoga nidra before bed to calm the nervous system

  5. Spend time with your partner, dog or call a friend instead of scrolling on social media

  6. Drink hot water instead of caffine a minum of 4hours before bed (ideally 8)

  7. Leave your phone in another room and get a seperate alarm clock (so not tempted to check emails, social media or use your phone in the evening - even set an alarm to put the phone away!)

  8. Have a nice bath or do something that relaxes you...

Its all about creating a good 'Bedtime routine' and I talk about the above and bedtime routines in my 3 week Sleel Well Course, if intererested in finding out more. The course is 3 weeks for a reason... as it takes about 3 weeks to create new habits, so they stick!

A little treat for you!

ENJOY THIS FREE Yoga Nidra on the Sleep Well Page before bed (instead of scolling on phone or watching the news) - CLICK BUTTON!

Sleep and a healthy bedtime routine is important for your health

Interesteing Facts:

Sleep is very important and essential for our health and wellbeing and 7- 8 hours recommended and 10hours - could be too much!

  • Sleep affects how we feel when we are awake - length and quality

  • Most people spend a 3rd of their lives asleep - which is necessary for productivity and health

  • Too little or Too much can cause health problems & effect quality of life… even life expectancy

When you sleep…. Your body is not just resting, but replenishing itself:

  • Repairing muscles

  • Releasing hormones that maintain growth and digestion - suffer from IBS?

  • It can help control your ‘appetite’ - do grab a impulse snack?

  • Supports your immune system - do you get ill often?

  • Consolidating memories - so you are able to process thoughts and emotions (from day)

  • Promoting all over good health

feeling sleep deprived?

Many of us, especially adults, are sleep deprived and are going to bed too late or waking up too early! Not enough sleep leaves us feeling: Fatigued and unable to concentrate (foggy) and even accident prone.

Society and our day to day responsibilties and deamnds don’t help this and I get it! However we can make ltitle steps towards making a difference with simple early morning or bedtime routines and introducing new positive habits, that take no time at all!

Heard of Circadian Rythms? 

This is our 'natural sleep cycle' which is actually independent from day & night.

Interesting Facts…

  1. Circadian Rythm is genetic (and you can’t choose it) - So it's not that you are lazy!

  2. Not attuned with light/dark (day/night)

Wanna find out if you are a 'Morning Lark' or 'Night Owl?  Then join me on a Sleep Well Course, to find out more about all of the above. 40% of us are a Morning Lark, 30% a Night Owl and the other 30% are actually a mix! All this knowledge helps us to think diffeently and understand certain things... in turn encouraging those new positive healthy habits into our lives - with a reason behind it all. On this course i provide you with a simple checklist and tools to use to support you in creating new positive habits, so they stick!

Good books and reads for creating new habits and positivity in your life.

Here's some Good Reads:

Some more FREE STUFF as I really believe in (you!) and making our health and wellbeing a prioirty in our lives - your body is your home your entiure life so... make it a nice place to live

WIND DOWN Yoga (60mins):

Join me weekly on Tuesdays at 7.30pm for a relaxig evening session to unwind from the day and set you up for a good nights sleep! Best way to end a day... Use the FREE Code: FREEYOGA4U

Or want to WIND DOWN in your own time, enjoy this recording from a recent LIVE sessions in your own time.

The Ultimate Relaxtion...

Join my Monthly Specials online, which can be anything from 'Yin & Restore' (most populat) to 'Mindfiul Facial & Yoga Nidra' or just pure 'Yoga Nidra'. These are 75-90 minute evening sessions aimed at doing just before bed and you'll get the recording for a couple of weeks to do again if you like.

Next one coming up on Monday 11th December, the last Monthly Special of this year 2023!

So come join for the populat 'Yin & Restore' to delve into the world of Yin and the magic of traditional Chinese Medicine based movement exploring the elements and how our bodies are connect to mother nature. As well as understand 'why' you feel more sluggish and demotivated this time of year at this time.

Check out the rest of my Journal and blog for retreat inspiration, travel diaries, and other

FREE classes, breathing pratices and helath and wellbing tips!


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