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Alan Stokes Surfing With Samsung And Vice Sports

This summer, we got an exciting call from Vice Sports and Samsung wanting to film an event Alan Stokes takes part in every year. The Night Surf Comp at Fistral Beach. The idea was to test out the waterproof feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, as a part of a night documentary series they were working.

The Vice crew came to Newquay for the weekend to film the night surf and also film a 15 second pre roll to advertise the phone all in the tricky low light of the ocean. For this they asked both of us (Philly and Alan) to take part, so they could film both of us surfing. We had so much fun working with Mr B Productions in the water, catching as many waves as possible to capture on the phone! The sun set really quick, meaning lots of fast paddling in the dark. It's a good thing there are no sharks in Cornwall...

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Samsung and Vice crew and all of us had lots of fun creating this content.

You can watch the Samsung Advert on Alan's Instagram here.

Check the film out on Vice here.

Read about the Samsung Galaxy S7 here.

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