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2 Week Chaturanga/Vinyasa/Strength Challenge

  • 2Weeks
  • 32Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


So what does "...and take a Vinyasa!" mean? Do you think that 'Chaturanga's' are impossible? Join to get a series of strengthening exercises to build upper body, core (more than the abs!), hip flexors, back and legs strength. Yes it is a whole body experience. These exercises will build and change (a little or a lot) each day and are mini express workouts for strengthening and building those key muscles to work to YOUR variation of Chaturanga and ultimately feel comfortable in a Vinyasa. It’s simple enough to do from home, during your lunchtime or first thing or before bed...whenever and whatever time suits you. To really make this work, you will need to commit to each it is all about building strength. Use these two weeks to build some strength in your practice, freshen up your regular routine, get some new ideas and stay in shape.

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