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What we are doing to ensure your safety....

As always your safety, health and wellbeing are important to us during our retreats and our aim is to provide a wonderful experience in a safe and relaxing environment... meaning you can enjoy your adventures with us and leave with great memories feeling refreshed and restored.


It has been challenging and unusual times for us all and we wanted to share with you what we are doing to ensure we are Covid Safe and in line with the Government Guidelines.  The information below will give you a guide as to what to expect and ensure you feel confident we have things covered so you can just relax and enjoy your retreat and adventures with us.

As we are all aware, the Government Guidelines are changing all the time and so we will continue to review and update our procedures where necessary. We appreciate your support and understanding as we work with the measures to create a wonderful Wild & Free experience.

Group Size

We are currently operating our retreats at a reduced number to ensure your Health and Safety.

Shared Accommodation 


All shared accommodation will only accommodate a maximum of 2 bubbles to meet Government Guidelines. Meaning the shared yurts that currently occupy 3-4 people, will become 2 people/bubble accommodation only. 


The yurts can be easily ventilated and 2m social distancing can be maintained at all times. We will be providing individual tea and coffee facilities and each guest will have their own appliances and condiments.


No adjustments are necessary for the private yurt accommodation.

Yoga Sessions & Equipment 


We will not be providing yoga equipment in the current climate and are asking all guests to bring their own yoga mats and props (blankets, cushions, eye pillows, bolsters, yoga straps and blocks). We will happily offer anyone that doesn't currently own their own yoga mat (and/or props) guidance on what to bring to support your practice and options to purchase your own.

We will be asking guests to clean their mats before and after yoga. There will be cleaning facilities on hand.

If you already practice yoga or attend a gym in person you may be aware that you will not be required to wear a mask during the yoga practice (but you are welcome to if you’d prefer). 

We will be advising you to leave shoes at the entrance (when practicing inside) and invite you to wear socks to walk across the floor to your mat (then remove socks - unless you are using yoga socks with grip, for health and safety).

Yoga sessions will be held outside or in a larger facility with ample space and ventilation.


Please find more information here about the COVID 19 Safety measures from our Surf School King Surf:


They have been open and operating successfully over the past couple of months and we are comfortable with their procedures and processes which you’ll will be briefed on at arrival.


Things to note:


All surfing equipment will be provided and is sterilised and cleaned before use.


We will have two instructors for our lessons and the groups will be split in two.


They will have social distancing measures and signage etc in place so please respect and pay attention to the guidance in to ensure your safety and those of others, including the surf instructors.

Hygiene and Enhanced Cleaning Measures

The Park and Wild & Free Adventures have ensured that enhanced hygiene and cleaning processes are in place for your Health and Safety.

Congregating and Social Distancing

We will have safety signage around the site. Please ensure that you avoid congregating at all times and ensure that you practice safe social distancing measures.


Arrival and Departure

Due to the extra measures put it place, arrival times are now later than normal. We will let guests know the arrival time for each retreat and all timings will be available in your retreat packs when issued. Unfortunately due to COVID The Park or Wild & Free Adventures will not be able to accept any earlier bag drops.

Meal times

We will be providing table service at all meal times to ensure that your food is served in accordance with Government Guidelines. Social distancing measures will be in place during meal times and strict hygiene measures adhered to. We will be providing guests with individual water bottles for enhanced safety.

Shared Facilities


Any shared shower and toilet facilities will be for sole use of Wild & Free Adventures during your stay. These will be cleaned to COVID regulations regularly throughout the day by the cleaners. There will be cleaning products available in the facilities and we encourage you to wipe down before and after personal use.

Staggered booking slots and schedule will be in place where necessary.

Thank you for reading and we can't wait to see you on our retreats soon.

Amanda & Joe

Published/Updated 6th September 2020

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