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Fuerteventura Surf & Yoga Adventure

What a way to end the 2022 season!


The happy crew that joined us in October for this Luxury Surf & Yoga Adventure above and below... the smiles say it all and the fun we had!

This was a last minute Surf & Yoga Adventure Retreat we put on, following the feedback and enquires FROM YOU GUYS! We asked you all in our newsletters 'where you wanted to adventure to next..?' and Fuerteventura and Portugal were the most popular.

It was hard to choose, but we've been to Fuerteventura a few times and love this island and so couldn't resist taking a few of you to this great surf location, for some winter sun, especially as it has been 3 years since we were last there!

But... we haven't forgotten about Portugual, so watch this space, as 2023 retreats and adventures launching VERY soon and we ARE planning Portugal for 2023 - whoop whoop!

Interested in this one... don't wait until they launch, let us know now if keen, so we can keep you informed, by adding your name to our waiting list below (and what your interested in - last box):

So want to see what we got up to...

As we always say... 'pictures speak louder than words', so here's a few pictures of what we got up to in Fuerteventura in October below ...enjoy!!

We surfed, went beach buggy-ing (fun!!), started and finished the day with yoga, for a pre and post surf stretch!

We did handstands on our surfboards... and surfing (of course)! Explored the island, enjoyed some sunshine, made new friends, Ate some delicious food, while relaxing in our luxury Surf House... 'minutes' from the beautiful turquoise ocean and the local town, harbour. Then surfed and yoga'd some more...

We learnt to surf skate... which we are all putting on the Christmas list this year!!! Then put to practice what we learnt on the land in the water on our surf boards... omg it was fun!!!

It was non stop fun, lots of waves giggles and sunshine... not to mention enjoying a cocktail or two while watching the beautiful sunsets Fuerteventura has to offer.

Every day just kept giving and these guys enjoyed every aspect, embracing their wild and free and all that this experience had to offer. Party waves galore!!

Every day was an adventure, different waves, beaches and experiences to be enjoyed! So much so, who couldn't resist a cartwheel... he he!

Starting each day with a 'lay in' on this retreat was a reeeeeal 'treat'! 8am yoga to kick start the day... to warm up those muscles for surfing and the day ahead. Stretching out those tight muscles! There was a lot of paddling going on and these shoulders needed to be kept healthy and open... for more padding!

We did some yin in the mornings and evenings, restored and flowed, each session evolved with our guests, meeting our bodies where they were that morning or evening...

It was a retreat to remember and too many photos to share...

Thanks to a lovely bunch of retreaters and adventurers embracing their wild and free! It did not feel like we were working, but instead, just sharing an amazing experience with friends!! So thank you guys for just being an awesome bunch xxx

Till the next adventure guys...

Big Love ... Amanda, Joe and Flo xxx

If you are interested in joining us on a retreat or an adventure - stayed tuned as we are about to launch our Cornwall Surf & Yoga Retreats this weekend!

Watch out then for a few new ones, like our abroad retreat in Portugal, as well as some Yoga Retreats with a 'twist' (which we've already spoken to a few of you about already ;0) AND some exciting new venues and locations to come in 2023, which we will be launching over the coming weeks...

Keen to join us on these new adventures... well, you do not need to wait, join our waiting list below - entering which retreat you're interested in and we'll contact you when they are launched!

Head to the website this weekend to see what we launch we do women only retreats, surfing and yoga adventures uk and abroad, foraging and new ones coming - save our website to your favourites:

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