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WILD & FREE Nutty Nutritious Granola...

Nutty Nutritious Granola Recipe:


  • Whole oats - enough to half fill a large mixing bowl (if making as much as I like to, which is equivalent to 3-4 baking trays worth//3-4 large kilner jars)

  • Nuts of your choice - We use whole almonds, pecan, pistachio, pine nuts and walnuts… also coconut flakes are lovely for a real coco-nutty flavour.

  • Seeds of your choice - We use pumpkin seeds and sunflower sunflower seeds and sometimes add chai seeds and sesame seeds… however you can use whatever seeds you like!

  • Dried fruit - I use cranberries, and sometimes raisins.

  • 2-3 big heaped tablespoons of coconut oil (more if you like yours really coated!)

  • 2-3 drops of vanilla essence

  • Dash of cinnamon (again to your taste!)

  • Pinch of salt (you really only need a 'tiny' pinch!)

  • Maple syrup - Use as much as you like and to your taste!

  • Runny honey - A good drizzle across the whole tray ( I do zig zags and use alot!) to add an extra crunch.

One of the appeals of this recipe is that you don’t need to use measured quantities and it can be adjusted to individual taste. I like to have fun adjusting and changing them whenever I make a batch so its always different and always tasty.


Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. This includes the whole oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

*Tip: However if you ,like your oats nicely browned and to be more cooked, then add the large nuts later and I put them into a separate bowl and coat with some coconut oil. then after about 8-10 minute fi cooking the oats and seeds (once you had added/done the below) then I add whole nuts in at a later point and cook for another 7-10 minutes (again this really depends on your oven!)

Now add the coconut oil, vanilla essence and pinch of salt. Break up the coconut oil with your fingers and massage into the dry ingredients. Take your time and enjoy mixing these ingredients, making sure any large lumps of coconut oil have been broken up.

Once all of the ingredients have been mixed, add the maple syrup. Again combine all of the ingredients with your hands ensuring the maple syrup is mixed thoroughly. This is what adds the moist texture.

*Tip: I've started to add a little more coconut oil and maple syrup to my ingredients to really coat the oats and give it that lovely crunch and roasted texture and taste. So as a guide a good squeeze, then mix it up and then I add another and along with the coconut oil, the oats should feel nicely coated and a little wet (all these are guides and really it becomes your own once you've made it a few times and you add to your taste!)

Once all mixed together lay out onto a baking tray covered with some grease proof paper. Ensure you get a thin and even spread of the mixture for consistent baking.

*Tip: If cooking altogether and with the whole nuts, try to keep the whole nuts away from edge so they don't overcook or even burn as overcooked nuts taste bitter!!

Once on a baking tray… drizzle over the honey in criss cross lines in one direction and then the other. This is what will add the crispness and ensure you get some nice yummy clusters of granola.

Bake in the oven at 140 degrees to cook slowly. It can take between 15-25 minutes depending upon your oven.

Check at 5-7 minute intervals.

Once baked to your liking remove from the oven and allow to cool. This is very important to ensure the granola has time to dry and crisp up.

Once the granola has cooled break up into clusters in the baking tray and transfer to a sealed container for freshness.

Tip: If you like the clusters then wait till cooled or if you don't want clusters, break up a little in the baking tray before fully cooled to separate before clusters form.

I always serve with natural yoghurt (and milk if you like) and some fresh fruit. My preferred option is blueberries and bananas.

Then enjoy!

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Samantha Knight
Samantha Knight
Dec 15, 2020

Think we did really well for us first try of this. Yummy!


Omg I love this!!! Awesome work Matilda xxx


Samantha Knight
Samantha Knight
Dec 15, 2020



It’s a bit addictive hey? Fab to hear you like it...keep experimenting with different ingredients too! I’d love to hear if you have an tips or suggestions from your experimenting! Just made some new cacao and pecan energy balls and got some more experiments up my sleeves exploring some twists on some existing recipes. So keep your eyes out for more recipes and fun in the kitchen! Looking forward to trialing some more recipes with Tanya this Saturday on the online Yoga & Cooking retreat too... the sweet treat for this one is ‘no bake peanut butter and chocolate cookies’... 😋


I love this granola..... maybe a little too much. Every time I go into the kitchen, I can't help nibbling a little bit! :)

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