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Luxury 19th century country house in north Devon surrounded by lush green gardens and rolling hills on our Meditaiton Retreat.

The Journey of Light


Meditation - Yoga - Foraging- Cold Water - Breathwork
Zen self-enquiry -Mindful Walks - Stargazing

Meditation, Yoga & Foraging

A lady in meditation with eyes closed looking at peace


➹ 6th to 10th September 2024 - 4 nights

A moment to 'pause' and connect to your true self, through guided meditation, yoga and conscious movement, breath-work and nature. Subtly inspired by Celtic Tradition 'Journey into the light' (AR MARC'HAD NOAZH), we immerse ourselves in nature and enjoy mindfulness walks, foraging, star gazing and cold water dips to awaken the senses. When we spend time in nature it draws us closer to ourselves and we light up, we see, we feel and come alive again. 


We've teamed up with The Drunken Monk to create a really special retreat you'll keep in your hearts forever.

Retreat Details


This enchanting 'all-inclusive' retreat of mindful self-discovery has been intricately shaped by nature and the rhythmic dance of sunlight throughout the day, as perceived in ancient Celtic traditions.


Nestled within the luxurious ambience of an elegant venue in the heart of the Devon countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, woodland paths, and enchanting gardens awaiting exploration, you are invited to participate in as many sessions as desired, with full schedule adherence recommended to maximise benefits.


The program is carefully crafted to follow in harmony with the sun in nature as well as our bodies: 

Awakening The Senses

Day of Arrival and Day 1, we will gently awaken the body by connecting to the present moment and exploring what is authentic and alive within us.

Into The Full Light 

Day 2 we will tap into our creative flow, uncovering our true purpose and aligning energetically.

Mindul In The Realm Of Night

On day 3 we will gently connect to our Essential Self - the part of us which we were born with, the source of our joy, life energy and inner guidance.  As we move into the evening, we will experience a special night walk meditation, stargazing and fire ceremony on this day.  Symbolising 'rebirth', the fire ritual offers a symbolic release of what no longer serves us, welcoming new beginnings.

More detailed sample schedule here:

The Activities Include:

Meditation, Yoga and Conscious Movement, Foraging, Mindful Walks, Star Gazing, Cold Water and Breath Work and Zen Self-Enquiry


Continue reading to discover more details about these activities...

someone in a yoga and meditation Pose in the morning light outside
The Drunken Monk team Peter and Vewro giggling on the grass on a Meditation and Yoga Retreat


Meet Peter and Vero, two dynamic friends blending spirituality into daily life. Inspired by the ancient "Drunken Monkey" martial arts style, where movements seem comically relaxed yet perfectly rooted in Presence and Awareness, The Drunken Monk’s approach is all about embracing your spiritual journey with laughter, authenticity, and a big ol' dose of human nature.


Peter and Vero will hold the following sessions: 

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation supports you to achieve mental, emotional & physical clarity. The practice offers a stress relief and it positively changes the neural pathways of our mind.

You will be guided step by step to a state of being grounded in your presence, each and every moment, wherever you are and with whatever you are doing.

Zen Self Enquiry

This is a combination of the ancient Zen practice of contemplating a koan ( a question that cannot be answered by the mind) and modern self enquiry techniques of listening and connection.  Connect to your authentic Self - your 'truth', free from social masks and conditionings. Transcend the thinking mind and allow fresh insights to arise.

Conscious Movement

Move, Breathe, Energise & Connect to your Authenticity! 

Active meditations combining breathwork and movement to fill you with a fresh energy. The guidance will support you to connect to your authentic feelings, energise your state and fill you with love and gratitude.


Read more about The Drunken Monk here


Meet Amanda your yoga teacher and owner of Wild & Free Adventures. Amanda has been practising yoga for over 25 years and hosting retreats for over 6 years. During this special retreat, Amanda will be sharing both Yin and Yang Yoga practices, as well as cold water and breathwork techniques. Exploring the magic of movement and the breath to awaken the senses.


Morning Yang Yoga

In the mornings, following your meditation practices and cold water dip (if you wish!), we will awaken the body with a warming yoga flow catered for all levels - whether you are an experienced yogi or a complete beginner Amanda will guide you through the sessions (and offer options for all)

Evening Yin Yoga

In the evenings we will melt into the earth and find that stillness within with Yin and Restorative Yoga practices. In Yin yoga, we hold poses for longer (3-5mins) and move slowly from one pose to another. The breath is a key focus in Yin and we move beyond the muscles to get a deeper connection to the body. Mindful, mediative and deeply relaxing.

Cold Water and Breathwork

Each morning after our meditation there is the option to connect to our water element and the benefits of cold water.  Amanda will guide you into the natural saltwater pool using Breathwork techniques to awaken the inner warrior within.

Read more about Amanda here or join one of Amanda's online classes to meet Amanda here

Amanda Bunton Yoga Teacher from Wild & Free Adventures smiling with her students during a yoga class  while sat in lotus pose
A lady walking through fields at one with Nature on a Meditation & Yoga Retreat


Connecting to nature is a big part of this retreat these other activities are a part of the Journey of Light, bringing us closer to nature:

Foraging Adventure:
Delving deeper into nature through a foraging adventure and discover all sorts of edible treasures! Followed by a delicious meal created with what you forage by our talented foraging chef Bjorn - read more about our chef here.

Nutritious meals:
Enjoy freshly prepared and nutritious homemade meals, eat mindfully and enjoy every mouthful, taking time to understand the benefits of eating slowly.

Mindful walks and Star Gazing
We will walk by day and night, enjoy star gazing, opening our eyes and hearts to Mother Nature and exploring the many beautiful walks in this area. Our night walk involves with a fire ceremony... to new beginnings.


Your Meditation and Yoga retreat will be spent in the luxury of the unspoilt North Devon countryside, staying at The Old Rectory.

A beautiful 19th century Country House surrounded by lush greenery, in the heart of nature, with stunning views and walks (on your doorstep). Set in 5 acres of landscaped gardens and 14 acres of river meadows, nestled between Exmoor and Dartmoor.

The Old Rectory offers 12 stylish luxury bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms (private and shared options available). An elegant dining area and relaxing sitting room with a lovely open fire.  

This beautiful location offers a nurturing and comfortable environment, to unwind and 'switch off'. The house is full of beautiful art, with an amazing selection of books to read by the fire or the luxury of your room.

Re-connect with yourself in a nurturing and loving environment.

Rooms & Pricing

Please get in touch to book to confirm availability and let us know what option you require, so we can get you booked on! Upon booking our Devon yoga retreat you will receive an email to confirm your booking, but here's what you need to know before you book.
Please make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions

Shared & Twin Rooms - pp

From £1,200 - £1,325pp

Shared & twin rooms (single bed), 2-3 people, ensuite & shared bathroom options - please get in touch for availability and option you require.

Private Room for 1

Single occupancy £1,550pp    

Private room for 1 person, all to yourself with double bed and ensuite bath and shower options available.