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"Are Affordable Day Retreats the Key to Prioritizing Your Well-being and Health in Stressful Times?"

Usually at the point we start searching for a retreat, or an escape of some sort, it is because we need it at that very moment. So instead of putting your health and wellbeing on hold, lets make this more affordable and achievable for you...

Picture this, enjoy a day retreat for the same price as a meal out, no annual leave needed AND you could make it a 'day trip', also saving on accommodation costs!

In a climate where cost of living is challenging all of us and 'purse strings', things like 'self care' feels like a luxury... But the reality is, it's NOW we need to take care ourselves, so we don't end up in 'burn out!'.

People dining outdoors under canopy at a luxury retreat venue in north Devon on a Day Yoga Retreat with Wild & Free Adventures
Al fresco dining area at Devon Retreat venue

Last weekend we enjoyed a mindful morning with 10 lovely souls here in North Devon at a stunning retreat venue in Devon. Our 'Bloom into Spring' half day Retreat was an opportunity to 'switch off', unwind and hit the "pause" button for a few precious hours (and escape the busyness of life!) Check out what we got up to last weekend, to get a 'taste' of more Day Retreats to come! Plus why a Day Retreat both 'achievable' and 'affordable' below.

Benefits of a Day retreat

  • Activities to regulate the nervous system, relieve stress and calm the mind. Even just a few hours can restore balance in the mind and body. Our retreats involve, yoga breath-work and other activities like cold water therapy, foraging, art and walking. Movement helps release tension, pain and stress from the body, while breath-work helps us regulate the nervous system to calm the mind.

  • An introduction and opportunity 'try new things'... sometimes it can be daunting booking onto a yoga retreat, especially if you are new to yoga or other activities like 'cold water' and not sure if its right for you, but curious. On a Day Retreat you can 'give it a go' for a day, rather than sign up for a whole weekend and find it is not for you!

  • Reset and restore balance NOW, rather than waiting until you can afford to re-treat yourself! Day retreats are more affordable, which means you can be more 'spontaneous' and maybe you could do more than one!

  • No annual leave required or less time off, which reduces costs. Just take yourself off for the day or overnight maybe and be back the to routine, family, or work the following day.

  • Be in control of your budget and save money on accommodation! Whether local or further a field, you get to work within your budget by making it a day trip! Or you can find local accommodation for as many nights as you need and at a price that suits you.

  • Create your own escape and experience, arrive the night before or stay longer to explore the area, arrange to meet some friends or even do Devon and Cornwall in a weekend, enjoy exploring the coast or whatever takes your fancy!

  • Do as much or as little as you like with plenty of things you can add to your trip to create your own retreat! Like a relaxing massage, maybe a local walk, trip to the beach, or book yourself a surf lesson, some 1 to 1 yoga , stand up paddle boarding, make it fishing trip, go horse riding (plenty of riding stables round here) and so much more!

  • Retreat 'taster' and meet the 'Wild & Free' team - This is also a great way to meet 'us' and if new to retreats, see if it's your thing? You could be considering one of our bigger trips like a long weekend in Cornwall, Devon, Portugal or Morocco... "meet us" first before you commit!

A retreat is so much more than just a 'day' or 'weekend away' it is REAL TIME OFF to reset, unwind and restore the mind, body and soul. A lot of thought, careful consideration and planning goes into a retreat, to ensure you get the most out of this time (...on you!)

A retreat is usually has a theme connected to the seasons, area or activities to give us focus to work around and explore...

The main aim is to step away from the busyness of life and 'take a moment to breathe...' without all the distractions of life. To allow you time to put 'yourself first' and focusing on your wellbeing and maybe your discover new friends, hobbies, goals or things about yourself along the way.

So, wanna see what we got up to in our recent half day retreat, last weekend...?

What a half day retreat looks like

It's amazing what you can get into just 4 hours!

🧘 Arrive, enjoy a welcome smoothie and settle in...

We started the day with a slice of melon and yummy smoothie to cool and soothe the body from the inside out. While getting settled in our lovely yoga space for the morning with the sun shining through the lovely big windows with gloriois views into the wild orchard and the rolling vhills and lush green valley. We set out the day and activities for this morning together.

🧘‍♂️ Revitalising and grounding morning yoga

We then kick started the morning with a lovely grounding and revitalising yoga practice to connect to our bodies and breath. Enjoying a slow mindful stretch to open the body and unravel tightness and tension, to 'feel' free in our bodies. Then turned up the heat with some core strength and a wild & free yoga flow to energise us... ready for the activities and day ahead!

🧘‍♀️ Cold Water Dip (& therapy)

After our yoga session we got our swimsuits on and headed to the outdoor salt water pool for some breathwork and a cold water dip! This was for me the 'highlight' of the day when everyone joined in and got in the water! This section was 'optional' and not many were keen on this section originally BUT, after our yoga sessions and with the suns magic, we all held hands and stepped into the cold water together! We also explored techniques with breath and movement to regulate our nervous system, calm the mind warm the and bodies during the experience!

🧘‍♀️ 'Al Fresco' Spring Brunch

Following our dip we then enjoyed a yummy spring brunch 'al fresco' in the outdoor dining area, overlooking the beautiful grounds and views over the valley. Taking in the sounds of spring and enjoying a good chat, fueling our bodies from the inside out. Our guests enjoyed our homemade wild & free nutty granola, locally made breads, marmalade, fresh fruit, as well as some greens, a selection of frittatas and refreshments. We love our food at Wild & Free Adventres and it always forms a big part of our retreats. Our bakery does the best gluten free bread!

🧘‍♀️ Mindfulness, journalling and intention setting

Then it was time to find a spot in the beautiful grounds, whether that be by the pool, in the garden, orchard. We took some time to 'reflect' and journal (or mindful walking) and think about what it is that 'lights us up!' and makes us feel 'alive'. Spring is a great time for this sort of thing, as the world around us 'springs' to life, everything feels 'fresh' and we are all coming out of hibernation, ready to start new positive habits. Through different mindfulness techniques we spent time working on 'us'... a very 'rare thing' we have time to do. This is what these retreats are all about. Stepping out of 'busyness' of life, stripping back to the core of 'who we are' and what we want more of in life. We then met back in the yoga barn to enjoy and cuppa and some homemade sweet treats!

🧘‍♀️ Yin Yoga and deep rest

Completing our morning together with a lovely Yin Yoga session to drop back into our bodieas and feel all the benefits from the mormnings practices. Breathing our intensions into our hearts and sealing our morning with the healing qualities of yin and restorative yoga, where we allow ourselves to 'let go', 'surrender' and REST.

...and YES that was all in 4hours!

blue natural salt water pool surrounded by lush greenery in a luxury retreat venue.
The outdoor natural salt water pool at our Devon Retreat venue

Sounds like just what you need?

Stay tuned as we are releasing some more Day Retreats this summer and autumn but they sell out quickly! So we're giving you a 'heads up' while we are planning and plotting these into the diary and suggest 'registering your interest' by getting in touch via WhatsApp or Chat and feel free email us too. Next one coming up soon... so watch out for this June!

Maybe you've joined us on a day retreat already and want more, or are keen for a longer retreat and experience? If so, here are some of the retreats coming up this year that still have a couple if spaces left on... but not for long!

  • "Next Up..." - 'Women & Water' - Surf & Yoga (4 nights) June retreat in Cornwall

  • Late summer... - 'The Journey Of Light' - Meditation, Yoga & Foraging (4 nights) September retreat in Devon (at this same stunning venue above) - Early bird tickets still available!

  • Abroad... - 'Portugal Adventure' - Surf & Yoga (7 nights) September-October

  • Next year 2025... - 'Morocco Adventure' - Surf & Yoga (7 nights) March 2025

Want more information on any of the above or...

Cold water benefits and events - Watch out for our next blog where we will be sharing more about these benefits and 'why' people cold water swim, 'dip' or ice bath for health, menopause, fitness or more energy! We are planning more day retreat and experiences focused around cold water and already most of our retreats, like 'Women & Water' often have an optional 'cold water swims' before the morning yoga class to wake up our mind, bodies and connect to the ocean!

Yoga & Breath work - Amanda holds local yoga and breath-work classes in Chulmleigh, North Devon, as well as online classes and events. These range from dynamic Vinyasa flows, to Yin and Restorative yoga workshops, to chair yoga and breathing & relaxation courses. Check more out here or get in touch via WhatsApp, Chat, or email to arrange a call or find out more.

Some FREEBIES for you to 'try' and enjoy:

Try my free 5 minutes breathing exercises:

Another helpful practice for mental focus and relaxation is Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep. 20mins of Yoga Nidra is said to be the equivalent of 2 hours sleep! This guided meditation helps to relax both the body and mind, promoting deep rest and rejuvenation.

Try this free 20mins Introduction to Yoga Nidra on our 'Sleep Well Course', scroll down to "The Details' section:

As always, stay 'wild & free' and live a life you'll remember!


Amanda & Joe x

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