Wild & Free

At Home Retreat

Yoga & Cooking Retreat *Christmas Special*

Enjoy a day of online Wild & Free Yoga

and Mindful Nutritious Cooking... all from the comfort of your own home! 


Dates coming soon!

As well as an 'in person' Yoga & Cooking Day Retreat in Devon 19th February (with accommodation available)

**Register interest via 'waiting list' or get in touch**

We are bringing our Wild & Free Adventure Retreats to your home!

~ As well as in person in Devon February 2022 - get in touch for more information! ~

Come join us online from the comfort of 'your own home' for a day of live yoga & cooking classes. We will be sharing some of our retreat favourites, along with tips on food and nutrition to inspire the senses. You'll prepare and cook your own meal with our passionate retreat chef, who will guide you live online. The day will be framed with invigorating and restorative yoga, relaxing breathing and mindfulness practices, all planned carefully around your meals to leave you feeling nourished from the inside out! Everything you need to create your very own home sanctuary of wellbeing and provide balance for mind, body and soul.


Wild and Free Surf and Yoga Retreats Philly Lewis Alan Stokes Surf and yoga retreat in cornwall

You will prepare and create a couple of delicious dishes throughout the day, alongside a couple of yoga practices.  This Christmas Special will be slightly different as you'll be preparing treats for entertaining guests, whether thats family or friends! To wow them with you Vegan cooking skills or even give as a gift!

- Sample Schedule - 

  • 8.45am - Welcome, Introductions to Team & Day

  • 9.00am - Invigorating Morning Yoga with Amanda

  • 10.30am - Create in the kitchen with Nikita

  • 11.45am - Break...

  • 1.00pm - Create in kitchen & Nutrition Tips with Nikita

  • 2.30pm - Q&A with Nikita on all things food

  • 2.45pm - Yin & Restorative Yoga with Amanda

  • 4.15pm - Wrap up chat with hosts & share experiences  

Throughout the day there'll be plenty of options to ask questions and tips - so prepare those questions and take notes during the day...so as not to forget!      


Yoga, Breathing & Mindfulness

Wild and Free Surf and Yoga Retreats Philly Lewis Alan Stokes Surf and yoga retreat in cornwall
IMG_3298 3.jpg

We will start the day with an invigorating yoga practice to wake up the senses and body for an inspiring and nourishing day ahead.


Your yoga practice will be an exploration of the senses and journey of discovery as we connect with the breath and body.


You will be taught by our Wild & Free yoga teacher Amanda who will guide you through each session with a sense of fun and adventure, exploring mindfulness and breathing techniques, Re-connect with your true nature in the comfort of your own home.  If you're a total beginner yogi then Amanda will guide you through the basics allowing you to access as many poses as possible, to find your Wild & Free Flow.


We will be exploring Yin & Yang practices, breathing & mindfulness and creating a sense of wellbeing, positivity and balance. Practices that you can take away into your daily life.

The final practice of the day will be relaxing and restorative, leaving you feeling peaceful and nourished from inside out. 

Wild and Free Surf and Yoga Retreats Philly Lewis Alan Stokes Surf and yoga retreat in cornwall

Food & Cooking 

Our traditional retreats in Cornwall and abroad always centre around meal times.

A good nutritious diet provides the energy that we require to perform at our best and ensure we get the most from our day, helping us stay in shape mentally and physically.

We want to bring this all important aspect of our retreats to your home and give you the opportunity to make some of the lovely food that our chef prepares on our retreats.

During the cooking classes our chef, Nikita,  will be taking you through Plant based recipes step by step and explaining how to prepare each delicious meal live and online.

Nikita will talk you through the ingredients and their nutritional values and help you enhance some long term skills in the kitchen to ensure you can maximise your potential through your diet.

Nikita will be demonstrating delicious traditional plant based dishes that will leave you inspired and with knowledge and insights into 'gut health' to take away with you!

Check out more about Nikita's below and the showreel for inspiration.


What you will need

 An online enabled device

(with reliable connection within the area you are cooking)

➹ The latest  version of the Zoom Application (Version 5)

(we can provide instructions if needed, it is FREE to download & simple to use)

➹ Ingredients for the food being prepared

(recipes provided upon booking)


 Yoga mat and any props you may like to use 

(props are not essential & alternative suggestions will be provided)

 Kitchen & Food Processor

(smoothie maker will do)


What's Included

 2 live yoga sessions for the mind, body and soul

➹ 2 cooking sessions with our Wild & Free chef

➹ Breathing & mindfulness throughout techniques during yoga

➹ Recipes to take away and cook for your friends and family

Q&A sessions to learn all you need to enhance your yoga practise and cooking skills

➹ A Wild & Free Take Away Pack, including a Free Yoga class (post retreat)

Swell Yoga 2020 by Rachel-148
Nikita enjoying a vegan dessert
vegan meal prepared by Nikita
Amanda Bunton profile picture
freshly prepared colourful vegan food
Amanda Bunton Wild & Free At Home Cooking & Yoga Retreat
Amanda Bunton yoga pose
Freshly prepared Kitchari
Joe O'Connor At Home Yoga & Cooking Retreat
Fresh vegetables, herbs and spices used in vegan cooking
Amanda Bunton meditative yin yoga pose
Turquoise yoga mat, cork block and pink yoga strap
Fresh herbs being prepared on a wooden table
Fresh fruit smoothie prepared on Wild & Free Adventures retreat
Amanda Bunton relaxing Yin yoga pose
delicate herbs and spices prepared on white wooden table
Amanda Bunton savasana with an eye pillow
Freshly prepared vegan salad
Amanda Bunton relaxing yin pose
Vegan meal prepared by Wild & Free Adventures chef Tanya
Group yoga pose
Freshly prepared laksa by Tanya
Joe O'Connor in savasana
Vegan salad prepared by Tanya
Wild & Free Adventures Yoga yurt
Amanda Bunton in mountain pose
Beautifully prepared snacks by Tanya
Roasted vegetables and home made humus
Sweet treat prepared fro Wild & Free Adventures
Amanda Bunton in upward dog
Fresh pea and mint soup
Amanda Bunton in slight back bend pose
Vegan sushi rolls
Mindfulness in Sri Lanka
Laska dish
Mindfulness portrait
Smoothies made on Wild & Free retreat
Vegan pizza dish
Amanda Bunton yoga pose on the beach
Coconut and chocolate treat
Meditative yoga pose
Berry smoothies prepared on Wild & Free retreat
Clasped hands on the beach
Roasted sweet potato dish
Dosas and sweet potato dish
Fresh spring greens prepared on Wild & Free retreat
Japanese vegan miso aubergines

Important Information

Upon booking our At Home Retreat you will receive an information pack, but here's what you need to know before you book. Please make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions

Price - 

One day session -   £49 per person

(discounted price for Frontline workers available - get in touch)

To book - If you are interested in joining us you can book online here.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

Wild and Free Surf and Yoga Retreats Philly Lewis Alan Stokes Surf and yoga retreat in cornwall

A little bit about our Chef...

Nikita lives in North Devon and on the doorstep of one of our favourite surf beaches.  So also loves a surf too!  She has worked on retreats for a number of years sharing her passion for food and the benefits of the Ayurvedic diet.


Nikita is a vegan and gluten free development chef who last year helped set up a vegan restaurant in Brighton and regularly cooks for Ayurvedic retreats at the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. Nikita is passionate about teaching people to create food that nourishes the body, awakens the taste buds and looks after the planet. She has been teaching plant based cooking classes for five years and runs a consultancy business called Vegan Wise.

"My mission is to educate and inspire people towards a healthy body and mind, through knowledge, skills and tools in vegan food and sustainability"

Nikita will be joining us on our up and coming retreats in September, so if you are joining us on a live Retreat you'll get to experience her food in person too!

Dinner table set outside on Wild & Free Adventures Retreat

This day is for you if...

➹ You're looking for a relaxing day in the comfort of your own home

➹ You're a beginner to intermediate yogi  

➹ You want to try new things & like cooking

 ➹ You love healthy food 

➹ You want to enhance your yoga practice

 ➹ You want to feel empowered and meet like minded people