Travel Diaries: The Long Road North to Scotland

Updated: May 23, 2020

The journey to Scotland, all thirteen spine crushing hours of it, feel like some what of a pilgrimage. Hope hanging by the thin thread of a promising swell chart that never, ever wants to stay the same. Winds swing from off shore to onshore in the time it takes to refresh the forecast page, and yet we drive north. Just the faint glimmer, a chance that maybe amongst the chaos of weather there will be a small window of opportunity.

Feeling quite insignificant as we drive through the Highlands. Photo Toby Butler

We arrived to Scotland in the morning and fortunately, the clouds started to part as the winds calmed their skin biting howls. It's in these moments, after all the hours driving, the waiting and chasing, the patient tide pondering and the cold wetsuit changing that we are rewarded with the best waves the UK can offer. The long road becomes just a distant memory. With no sleep, we are blessed with the first empty wave before sunrise with frozen fingers as we get changed.

Photo Toby Butler

Three's a crowd in these parts. Photo Toby Butler

As the dawn turns into the day we follow windy roads, seeking and searching as we wait for the weather to calm. With the wind swinging in all directions the coastline offers all kinds of possibilities for the more experienced surfer. We spend the next few days finding more waves and enjoy the solitude with good friends in this part of the world.

So perfect, but only inches deep, dancing with this perfection comes with hidden costs. Photo Toby Butler

Finally after several trips up the rocks, its all worth while. Photo Toby Butler

Watch our pilgrimage to Scotland with Animal with good friend's, St Ives ripper Jayce Robinson at the wheel and one of the UK's finest surf film maker's Anthony Buttler, aka Mr B Productions capturing all the fun.

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