A Day In The Life On Our Fuerteventura Retreat

Updated: May 23, 2020

Fuerteventura you were amazing! Last week we returned from our first ever Fuerteventura retreat and it could not have been better. Waking up to the sound of waves on our doorstep, the sun beaming down, the morning yoga, the endless surfs, turquoise seas, beautiful sunsets and sangria, it was a week to remember. The island lifestyle was for us!

Each morning we would wake to the sound of waves as the warm sun rays burst through the skyline in Corralejo. We'd greet the sun, make our way to the rooftop yoga terrace and take our seat, allow the day to rise as we meditated with the view in front of us. The waves would guide use through our stillness as the breathe would draw us back to the present moment, as we began our daily vinyasa yoga practice. Every session would be different with a range of creative sequences, grounding goddess squats, strong down dogs to inversions, our yoga would allow our bodies to rise with the sun and prepare ourselves for a day in paradise.

The smell of fresh coffee would soon fill our noses and after breakfast was in our bellies we would load up the vans with surfboards and disappear out along the northern track, passing huge volcanoes along the way as we searched for waves. Winding out along the north shore of the island keeping an eye on the waves in each bay as we passed, we would soon pick our spot for the days lessons.

For some it was their first introduction to surfing. Perfect long peeling waves greeted us and everyone gave it there best effort. There were epic rides, crazy wipeouts and a lot of laughs as our our newbie surfers got their first taste of riding waves. Meanwhile out the back our intermediate surfers were having the time of their lives, surfing uncrowded head high walls guided and mentored by our professional surfer and coach Alan Stokes. Fully surfed out with noodle arms our guests would make their way out the ocean and tuck into our picnic lunch under the Fuerteventura sun, watching the waves continuously lap against the shore.

Late into the afternoon, all sun kissed and weary we would make our way back to the beach front villa. The day would begin to slow as the sun gently dropped towards the turquoise sea. Back on top of the roof top terrace our yoga practice now focused on unwinding the days tensions. Diving deeply into relaxing flows our guests would focus on the breathe and deep release as we would slip into wonderfully peaceful Savasanas. We would practice Yin yoga, getting deep into the muscles and connective tissues, creating space to enhance our surfing. We'd try our yoga Nidra, coming into a deep yogic sleep, finding interconnectedness. Philly would guide us through the poses in a compassionate and caring way, it was impossible not to relax.

As the sky would blaze with fiery reds and pinks, we'd move from our yoga and start the evening party with the traditional Spanish drink sangria. Every day is a celebration on our retreat! The BBQ would be lit, wholesome salads freshly prepared on the table, tapas served as we dined under candlelight and moonlight. The evening would soon lead some of us into our hot tub under the stars and some for more cocktails into Corralejo town. Another amazing day on the turquoise sun drenched island came to a close with the sound of glasses clinking, laughter and stories of the days adventures in and out of the surf. Watch our film below!

To join us on our Fuerteventura surf and yoga retreat, book your spot now. Our retreats include twice daily yoga classes, daily surf coaching and equipment, SUP adventure, breakfast, transfers and constant smiles from Alan and Philly. Make sure you check out our other retreat locations below.

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