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4 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Do you ever find yourselves bending over backwards trying to fit everything in. Work, friends, exercise, wellbeing, when is the time to actually just stop and enjoy life? Why has it become so fashionable and socially important to be busy? When will we realise that we need to stop bending over backwards chasing our tails for us to live a content life? Happiness is here, in every moment and we let it slip by. When you get to your death bed, are you going to remember every single day you spent working, worrying, planning for the future or every single day when you lived in the present moment. When your worries slipped away. When your happiness crept in. When there was stillness not busyness. Which day would you rather live today? Here's our favourite things to do to live a more simple life...

4 ways to simplify your life Wild & Free Adventures surf and yoga retreats in Cornwall, Portugal, Fuerteventura Philly Lewis Alan Stokes

1. Learn to say no

Sometimes it's hard to say no, especially if you feel like you may miss out. But learning to say no can be the most powerful tool to change your life. Learn to prioritise what is most important to you as a human being and learn to say no to situations or things that do not serve you. The energy you will save from saying no will go productively towards something you care much more about.

2. De-clutter

We accumulate so much stuff over our lives, actual objects as well as emotions and trauma. Learn to declutter to make space for new things and ultimately de-stress our lives. Keep a tidy work area and a tidy living area. Pick out everything you own and ask yourself, 'Do I actually use this? Does this object bring me positivity? Does this object have a purpose?' Let go of attachment to your things.

De-cluttering your own energy body is a little harder. But take time to reflect on negative situations you are holding onto, try and find a way to let them go. Forgive yourself or friends. Cry! Check in with your energy levels and ask yourself, 'Where am I holding any unconscious tension? Where am I holding any tension unconsciously?' Let is go. Breathe it out.

3. Be Present

So many of us multitask between so many different things because we feel like we just don't have enough time. Instead of dishing out your concentration to multiple things, try focusing your concentration on one task. If you are talking to a friend, switch of your phone, really look them in the eyes. If you are working on a work task, turn your emails off. If your working on emails, put aside everything else. Stop thinking in the past and future, instead focus on this moment. Notice everything about this very moment. Being present with each task and focusing solely on what is happening right now can lead to higher productivity and happiness. After all, being more productive leads to more free time.

4. Get outside

'Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished' - Lao Tzu

Take time everyday outside. Breathe in the fresh air, notice nature as it is, feel the earth beneath your feet. Learn from the outdoors. I guarantee after spending time in nature, where we belong, life becomes a whole lot simpler.

4 ways to simplify your life Wild & Free Adventures surf and yoga retreats in Cornwall, Portugal, Fuerteventura Philly Lewis Alan Stokes

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Stay Wild & Free... life's an adventure waiting for you to embrace x

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