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Getting Back To Fitness - Alan Stokes For Huffington Post and Voltarol

During the summer, Voltarol and Huffington Post asked us to be a part of their campaign on getting 'back on track' after injuries.

huffpost alan stokes

As strong believers in health and fitness, we were stoked to be a part of the campaign. The Huff Post crew came down to our home in Newquay and set up for an interview with Alan Stokes about his life competing as a professional athlete and the challenges he has faced along the way.

We then headed for action! And showed the crew a typical day of fitness in the life of us at Wild & Free. We started with some yoga, Philly correcting Alan's posture to help strengthen and stretch muscles used for surfing. You can find Philly's Yoga For Surfer's classes in Newquay here. Alan then went for a surf at our local break, Fistral Beach. We then spent the afternoon mountain biking along the headlands of Cornwall. It was a day full of fitness! That's what we love best. When the muscles are a little sore, there's always the Voltarol.

What a great campaign to feature in, thank you Huffington Post!

You can read the Huffington Post article here.

You can watch the film on AOL here.

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