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Travel Essentials - What To Pack On A Surf And Yoga Adventure

I don't know about you, but packing is something that we do not like here at Wild & Free. Travelling is such a spontaneous thing, we find it impossible to know what to squeeze in our little suitcases. And yes, they are little suitcases, when your already paying for surfboards to fly with you and carrying them round under that burning sun beating down on you whilst trying to find that little beautiful beach shack your staying in, there's no way you want to be lugging that huge suitcase too. So we learn to pack light. And packing light means you need to be on it with your travel essentials, there are just some things you can't get your hands on when your in the middle of Costa Rica driving down dirt roads.

So with all our experience of packing and unpacking, here are our top essentials to never forget when heading on your surf and yoga adventure. Don't forget that beach wear and clothes!

1. Sunblock

You'll always need it, yet you always forget it. There is nothing worse than jumping of the plane, seeing turquoise blue water, the waves rolling in perfectly one after the other, calling your name and woops, I forgot my sunblock! Take it from someone who knows, there's no avoiding those tropical rays once your in the water. Even if you jump in at 6am, beating the sunrise, that sun only needs 10 minutes and your burnt. My favourite is Aveeno Sunscreen Protect Plus Hydrate Lotion SPF 70. It has nourishing oats, it's sweat and water resistant and it nourishes the skin all at the same time!

sunblock for surfers

You can find a range of Aveeno Sunscreen here.

It's also important to have that face sunblock that sticks whilst your out in the ocean, soaking up all those rays. That nose always get's burnt right? Here's your answer to that one... Badger Organic Unscented Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide. It's water, sweat resistant, biodegradable and safe for coral reefs and other ecosystems. Win!

sunblock for surfers

You can find Badger's sunscreen here.

2. Wax

So your ready to jump straight in. Sexwax is definitely the best stick around. Find it here.

3. Beach Towel

Never forget the beach towel! You'll always need a towel and the good thing is it come's in multiple uses. If you can't quite fit your beach towel in your little suitcase, then never fear! Wrap it around your surfboard, extra padding and more room for your clothes.

We love these round towel's from The Beach People, they are big enough for two (everyone loves to share!) and they come in awesome patterns. We've got ours for Costa Rica!

the beach people yoga retreat

4. Surfboard Bag & Sock

Keeping that surfboard safe on the airplane is super important, there's nothing worse than getting to the hotel and realising there's a huge ding on the side of your board. Damn those airlines! It's also a really good idea to pack a ding repair kit just incase things do go wrong..

We love to use FCS board bags, their light, durable and the zips don't break. Find them here.

fcs surfboard bag

And for the ladyslider's out there, we love Sage Brush Bags! As an entirely environmentally conscious brand, everything is handmade with the Earth. The coffee bean sacks are from an organic, fair trade coffee roaster, and the outer fabric is remnant or vintage, ensuring limited runs of each style.

sage brush bags surf and yoga retreat

5. Yoga Mat Bag

The best thing about yoga is that you can take it anywhere, all you need is your mat. And if your taking your mat you need a bag to carry it in, otherwise it rolls out everywhere!

Gaiam have a range of bags, some that can also be used as carry on's. Check them out here! Gaiam is our go to for all our yoga products and equipment, our yoga teacher Philly love's using their blocks, mats, straps for all our yoga retreats. They are very durable too!

We also love Prana yoga bag's, all sustainably made, durable and in awesome patterns. Find them here.

prana yoga mat bag

6. Sunglasses

Your trusty sunglasses. No one likes a headache from all that squinting when the suns glaring down. We like our Rayban's best!

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