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3 Best Surf Breaks in Cornwall

September is just around the corner and as any enthusiastic surfer will tell you, September is a great month to be a surfer in the UK. The promise of swells generated by tropical hurricane storms forming off the east US coast and Caribbean, can send perfectly groomed swells our way whilst the water is still warm. It's almost to good to be true! So here are our 3 best surfing beach breaks in Cornwall for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers.

1 - Fistral Beach

Known as the home of British surfing, Fistral has been a proving ground for the countries top talent for decades and there is a reason why surfers flock to this beach every year. Fistral is a swell magnet with easy access from both the northern and southern ends, so if there’s a wave to ride expect it to be pretty busy. There are great waves for all surfing levels across this stretch of sand with a safe patrolled surfing area located in the middle of the beach during the summer months. You can usually ride waves here on almost any tide except spring highs if the swell is small.

Experienced surfers will hold out for the hollow low tide peaks at the northern end of the beach, that is overlooked by the famous red bricked Headland Hotel. On its day, with a strong easterly off shore wind, low tide Fistral can really turn on offering some world class beach break waves with the odd impressive barrel ride by local and visiting standouts.

Fistral Beach hosts Boardmasters music and surf festival every summer but it's in the winter months when this place really starts to shows it's true colours.

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2 - Penhale

Just down the coast a few miles lies one of the longest stretches of sand in Cornwall. Backed by enormous sand dunes Penhale is a stunningly wild beach that magnifies any swell around, even beating Fistral by a foot or so on some days. Penhale is the perfect summer longboard spot, so if you like to hang ten be sure to head here on perfectly groomed tiny summer swells. There are multiple sand banks up and down this beach so if you want to escape the crowds it is a great idea to walk up the beach a little and find your own little wave to ride. Low tide here can close out but this beach loves a pushing tide, with mid usually showing the best form.

This beach is great for intermediate and advanced surfers but with no patrolled surfing area, it’s advised that beginners head to the very southern end of the beach at Perranporth, where they can surf between the black and white checkered flags in safety.

Penhale Beach, Wild and Free Adventures, Alan Stokes, Philly Lewis, Surf and yoga retreats, Cornwall, surfing, longboarding

3 - Mawgan Porth, Porth

'Mawgan Porth' being Cornish for harbour, lies just ten minutes north of the busy touristic town of Newquay. A small quaint seaside village, it’s nestled in a picturesque valley where sand gets blown across the road, buckets and spades swing in the breeze outside the gift shops and cafe's are filled on the seafront. With great waves on all tides this beach is perfect for all abilities with a safe lifeguard patrolled surfing area during the summer season. Low tide can get really hollow with some impressive wedges so if your an intermediate or advanced surfer looking to work on your air game or just pull into some fun wedges this is the spot for you. Mawgan Porth is also home to our Cornwall surf and yoga retreat where we get a real buzz out of showing our retreat guests exactly why we love to call this beautiful part of the country home.

Fistral Beach, Wild and Free Adventures, Alan Stokes, Philly Lewis, Surf and yoga retreats, Cornwall, surfing

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