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3 Great Hacks To Your Next Surf Adventure with

Traveling the globe is one big adventure, nothing beats the excitement of paddling out at a new surf spot or jumping from a waterfall you just hiked up to, laying on empty beaches or experiencing colourful cultures. But traveling does have it's down side, it can be darn expensive trying to keep the dream alive. So here are our top 3 hacks to help you save before you leave and whilst out exploring the open road.

1 - Ever thought about working whilst traveling?

It's not as scary as it may seem and may be the best way to visit those amazing places you've been dreaming of and really immerse yourself in local culture whilst not breaking the bank. Surfing and adventure sports company's have seen so much growth over the last few years, there's plenty of opportunity to work for surf schools or adventure company's, if you have the right qualifications and do a bit of leg work to make it happen. First you will need to get your RLSS Beach Lifeguard Award, that will also allow you to work as a lifeguard and your ISA Surf Coaching Qualification These qualification are recognised world wide by many surf school's and surf travel companies. Once you have your qualification, a simple google search to some of the countries and areas you would like to travel to will bring up many popular surf schools and surf related business. Many of these places will have a tourist season so make sure to send them a friendly message early asking if there could be any job opportunities.

Not a bad office! Head Wild & Free Adventures surf coach Alan Stokes teaching guests how to surf.

2 - Get rid of your junk

Your probably asking how getting rid of all that junk piling up in your garage or basement collecting dust can help you to travel. Well one man's junk is another mans gold. You may not have any single items that are worth a whole lot on their own but bunch twenty items up and head to your local car boot sale and you could be looking at over a £100, plus the added bonus of having more space in your home and a clearer mind! Top tip, sunny Sunday mornings seems to be the best time to car boot but check your local car boot organisations and ask friends and family that may have done one before.

Pad with a view, why not list it on

3 - Rent your pad whilst your away

That's right you could pay for your whole trip and maybe make a bit of coin on the side by renting your property whilst you travel. If you surf you probably live in an area on the coast that people would like to visit. So spruce up that flat or house with a new lick of paint and some cool soft furnishings. It's never been easier to make extra income whilst your away. Sound like a good idea, have now made it even easier to list your property, so what are you waiting for!

4 - Keep an eye open for offers

If you plan your trips early enough you will have plenty of time to make the most of any offers that could save you money. If you book your next adventure with make sure to use this awesome discount code and get a £25 kick back for friends and family.

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