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3 Top PRO Tips For Better Surfing

September swells are starting to light up the Cornish coast, the water is still warm and there is plenty of good sand around if you know where to look.

Filmed by Sharpy for Carve Magazine and Animal

So here are Wild and Free's surf and yoga top pro tips that will fast track your surfing.

1 Pick the right board and the right conditions.

This has got to be the easiest trick to fast track your surfing, but I see so many people trying to surf either on the wrong board for their skill level, in completely the wrong place on the beach, or just the wrong beach all together.

Here's my tip, remember that sweet ride you got, you know, the one that you have never forgotten. Now where did you catch that wave? What state of tide? What wind and how big were the waves? Finally, what were you riding? Even down to your fins.

There were a lot of variables that went into you being on that wave, it's these variables that you need to take note of and apply to your surfing. Get the perfect recipe again and again, and your surfing will improve dramatically.

2 Take some yoga classes and get your warrior stance on.

Thats right, there is a huge list of benefits to practicing yoga but, the most important one that will really help your surfing is added flexibility. Add this to the gained strength and mental focus and you have the perfect combination to spring board your learning curve.

Hit this link and check out Wild and Free's yogi Philly Lewis, maybe try booking in for a yoga session.

3 Get someone to film a few of your waves.

Now if your clever maybe you can strike a deal with your girl friend or wife, maybe try just throwing it into a conversation quickly followed by a subtle bribe like ''Hey can you film a few waves and then we can go buy you that thing you wanted'' see what i did there , fool proof!

Or for all you girl surfers vice versa. Lets be honest no one wants to stand on the beach whilst your having fun and shouting ''hey did you get my last one, i think i did an aerial!'' but if you can wangle it, watching yourself on a few waves will really help highlight all those subtle bad habits that are stopping you from progressing.

Take note of body movement, hand and arm placement and how that is relating to the movement of your board. Then compare yourself to say your fav surfer, what do you need to change? Make a mental note and then try to practice next time you it the waves.

To book onto our Wild and Free Surf and Yoga holidays click the links below...

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